FrogLube for Paintball Guns


Nobody likes having to sit out of the game, working on your paintball marker, clearing barrel breaks or jams. Keeping your gun clean and your o-rings lubed is not a ton of fun, but needs to be done every few weeks or about every 4-5 uses to prevent this from happening.

There are between 6 to over a dozen o-rings on a paintball gun, depending on your model. It is essential to properly maintain your marker. If the o-rings get dried out, they will crack. If you use the wrong oil or lube on the o-rings, it can damage them. The chemicals in certain lubes like Rem oil, can make them mushy and you'll end up replacing them sooner than necessary.

For this post, the topic is how FrogLube can be used for paintball guns. Designed to clean, lube, and protect regular firearms, because of the ingredients used in FrogLube, it not only CAN be used on paintball guns, it is a preferred lubricant because of it's preservative properties. Check out this FAQ from FrogLube:

Q: Can FrogLube be used with airsoft and paintball guns?

A: Since FrogLube is non-corrosive to plastics and rubber, it is the preferred lubricant and preservative for o-rings, non-ferrous and rubber parts. FrogLube will actually condition o-rings and improve compressed air and pressure tank retention properties.

Because FrogLube is not made using any chemicals, not only will it not hurt your o-rings, but is known to preserve materials like wood, plastic, nylon, rubber, etc on regular firearms.

Because FrogLube repels particles, I would also advise that you use it inside your barrel as well to lubricate it and prevent paint from sticking to the inside of the barrel, which in turn will help prevent barrel breaks.

Here is a video defining the difference between ball chop and barrel break:

There's a ton of information out there to learn how to maintain your paintball gun if you don't already know how. Do a google search to find detailed videos showing you how to take apart and clean your specific brand/model of paintball gun.

FrogLube is designed to prevent rust. I would recommend using it on the metal parts of your paintball gun as well.

2014 Tax Day Discounts in Springfield, Missouri

It's tax day. I hope everyone has their taxes done already. Every April 14th-15th, when I was a kid, involved Dad working feverishly over the taxes that he did by hand back then. Mom knew exactly what time the post office closed and they would have those taxes done with only minutes to spare! It seems funny now, but I'm sure it wasn't to them at the time. :-)

Here are some deals that you may want to get in on here in Springfeild:

Sonic - 1/2 price drinks and slushes: Sonic's Deal

Arby's - Free snack size curly fries: Arby's Deal

Great American Cookies (in the mall) - free cookie: Cookie Deal

Schlotzsky's - free original small sandwich with purchase of 32 oz drink and chips: Schlotzsky's Deal

Orange Leaf - Fill your cup with froyo and toppings for $4.15 on 4/15: Orange Leaf Deal 


FYI - Springfield locations of Culver's and McDonald's are not participating in their tax day deals.

$5 Survey: Guns in Springfield Missouri


Has anyone noticed that all of a sudden there are a ton of gun shops in Springfield, MO? It would seem, that without conferring with each other, a dozen people decided to open a gun shop all at once. That's good news for you because instead of gun store owners playing by their own rules, the competition will motivate those who plan to stick around to play nice and step it up a notch.

Anyone else looking forward to the end of rude gun shop owners in Springfield?!

Check out this survey. Take just a minute to think about what THE perfect gun store would be like. All questions are optional. Include your email address and I'll send you a $5 coupon.

Would you rather go to a place dedicated to guns or are gun stores/pawn shops more accommodating?
Which are your local favorite gun shops? Be honest...
Check the box for updates (it's free).

Comment below if there is anything I've missed. And thanks for participating!

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Public Shootings Statistics

"With just one exception, EVERY public shooting that has occurred in the United States since 1950, in which more than three people have been killed, has taken place where citizens are not allowed to legally carry firearms."


Will It Blend? Guns & Ammo

If you guys haven't seen Blendtec's youtube marketing video series Will It Blend?, you have got to see this. This is laugh out loud funny! I think you will especially enjoy the last video Is It Bullet Proof?

For example, here is a hard to watch video of him blending an ipad:

Here he blends an airsoft gun:

Will It Blend? Call of Duty - Black Ops 2:

Here is a knock-off of someone else blending .22 ammo. This is really stupid. Please do not try this.

And a parody Will It Blend? Is It Bullet Proof:

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